Welcome to the Lomasney Family History web site.

The information published on this site is the result of many Lomasney genealogists generously allowing their tremendous research to be published here.

Stephen James Lomasney from Canberra, A.C.T., Australia has done extensive  research on the history and origin of the Lomasney surname and has graciously allowed his work to be  published here and shared with the “Lomasney Family”

 The William research began from the hard work of Patricia Roberts, Maureen Forshar and James Mackay Lomasney

Maureen’s daughter, Carolyn Aldofer and James’s daughter  Carol Thomas, have updated the William information and generously allowed their work to be published here.

The  Laurence family from Australia was contributed by Stephen James Lomasney. The Thomas family from Salem, MA U.S.A. was submitted by John Lomasney.

There would be no Lomasney History web Site without the generosity of the people mention above. THANK YOU ALL!!! 

Email your Lomasney info here to contribute to this site, THANKS! 


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